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London, Ontario

London, Ontario is a large city exactly halfway between Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario. It is also the home of the University of Western Ontario. With a population of 457.720 it is the seat of Middlesex County. It is an hour and a half dr ...


Londrina is a city in Brazil. It is found in the northern area of the state of Parana. It is 369 km away from the capital, Curitiba. Londrina has 510.707 people living in the city. This makes it the second biggest city of Parana and the third big ...

Long Buckby

Long Buckby is a village and civil parish in Northamptonshire, England, midway between Northampton and Rugby. In the 2001 census the parish of Long Buckby had a population of exactly 4.000. It is a part of the Daventry district. In the local elec ...

Long Eaton

Long Eaton is a town in south east Derbyshire in England. It is near to the River Trent and seven miles southwest of Nottingham. Long Eaton is at least 900 years old and is close to where you could cross the River Erewash. More recently the Erewa ...


Longitude is a way to say where a place is on the Earth. It is measured starting from an imaginary north-south line called the Prime Meridian. Longitude says how far east or west of the Prime Meridian any place is. Longitude is measured using deg ...


Longsight is an area in the City of Manchester, in North West England. It is around three miles south of Manchester city centre, and has a total population of 16.007.


Looe is a small coastal town and fishing port in southeast Cornwall, United Kingdom. As of the 2001 census, 5.280 people lived there. Looe is divided into two parts by the River Looe, East Looe and West Looe being connected by a bridge. The town ...

Loop Current

Part of the Gulf Stream, the Loop Current is a warm ocean current in the Gulf of Mexico that flows northward between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula, moves north into the Gulf of Mexico, loops west and south before exiting to the east through the ...


Lopburi is a province in the center of Thailand. It is good farming land. Lopburi has a long history. It was first called La-vo. Lopburi was settled during the Bronze Age. The Khmer expanded their power in the area during the 10th century and rul ...

Lopp Lagoon

Lopp Lagoon is a tidal lake on Cape Prince of Wales in the U.S. state of Alaska. Many creeks empty into it, but the most water comes from the Mint River. Some salt water from the Pacific Ocean also enters the lagoon through several channels betwe ...


Loppersum is a village and former municipality in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. In 2019, 9.614 people lived there. Since 2021, it has been part of the new municipality of Eemsdelta.


Lorca is a town in Murcia, Spain. The 2010 census recorded that 92.694 people live there. On 11 May 2011, an earthquake occurred, causing the deaths of ten people.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a small island about 700 km north east of Sydney. It is governed by New South Wales. About 70% of the island is part of the Lord Howe Island Group which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The island was first discove ...

Lord Howe Island Group

The Lord Howe Island Group is a group of 28 small islands and rocks about 700 km north east of Sydney. The islands are governed by New South Wales. The islands became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

Lorestan Province

Lorestan Province is a province of western Iran. It is the home land of the Lurs people and of the Luri language. Lorestan is in the Zagros Mountains, in the western part of Iran. Some of the important cities are Khorramabad, Borujerd, and Aligoo ...


Lorsch is a small town in southwest Germany south of Frankfurt am Main) in the Kreis BergstraSe district of the state of Hessen. More than 12.000 people live in the town. It is the site of a Benedictine abbey, which used to be one of the greatest ...


Lorscheid is a village and a part of the Ruwer near Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Lorscheid is on an old Roman road. Many archaeological settlements are nearby. The village is first mentioned in the inventory of the Abbey of St. Maximin ...

Los Lagos Region

The X Los Lagos Region is one of the fifteen regions of Chile. It has four provinces. The capital city of the region is Puerto Montt. Other towns are Puerto Varas, Ancud and Frutillar.

Los Navegantes

Los Navegantes is a residential neighbourhood in the south-east of Pichilemu, Chile. It is located near the Municipal Stadium and La Cruz Hill. Los Navegantes boasts a perimeter of approximately 1.5 km and was founded between 1996-1997 and has a ...

Los Rios Province

Los Rios is a province in Ecuador. The capital is Babahoyo. The province was founded on October 6, 1860. Babahoyo was made its capital on September 30, 1948.


Losser is a village in the municipality of Losser, the Netherlands. It lies in Twente, a region in the Province of Overijssel. The village borders Germany. As of 2014, about 13.300 people were living in the village. As of 2017, about 22.500 peopl ...

Lost Lake (Santiam Pass, Linn County, Oregon)

Lost Lake is a lake in the Willamette National Forest, in Oregon, in the United States. It is known for the way that the water level changes during the year. There are lava tubes in the bottom of the lake. During the summer, the water drains out ...

Louga Region

Louga is a region in the northwest of Senegal. The regional capital is Louga. As of the 2013 census, 835.325 people lived there. It has an area of 24.889 km 2 9.610 sq mi.

Lough Neagh

Lough Neagh is a lake in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. It is the biggest lake in Ireland and it is also the biggest lake in the United Kingdom. It is the only lake on the islands that a person cannot see the other side.


Loughton is a town and civil parish in the Epping Forest district of Essex. Loughton Brooke Runs through Lougton and Epping Forest is what is known as a SSSI.


Lousado is a freguesia in Portugal in the Vila Nova de Famalicão concelho. It covers 5.61 km². It has a 3.725 people. Its population density is 664.0 people per km².


Loviisa is a town in Uusimaa, Finland. As of January 2014, almost 15.500 people lived there. Nearby municipalities are Kouvola, Lapinjarvi, Myrskyla, Porvoo and Pyhtaa. Loviisa was established in 1745. The people living there speak two languages: ...

Lower Dir District

Lower Dir is one of the 27 districts in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is in the north-western part of the province and has an area of 1583 square kilometers. Timergara city is the district headquarters and largest city. It used ...

Lower Kohistan District

Lower Kohistan is an administrative district in Hazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. In 2014, the provincial government split Kohistan District into Upper Kohistan and Lower Kohistan.

Lower Mainland

The Lower Mainland is the name for the area that includes Vancouver and the surrounding cities within the Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley Regional District.


Lowestoft is a town in Suffolk. Flint tools were found at Pakefield in south Lowestoft in 2005. This showed that humans had been living in the Lowestoft area 200.000 years ago. This means Lowestoft is one of the earliest known sites for humans in ...


Luan, is a prefecture-level city in western Anhui province, Peoples Republic of China, bordering Henan to the northwest and Hubei to the southwest. At the 2010 census, it had a total population of 5.612.590, whom 1.644.344 lived in the built-up a ...


Luanda is the capital and the largest city of Angola. Its former name was Loanda. It is a main seaport of the country on the Atlantic Ocean. In 1995, about 3 million people lived there. It is a center of manufacturing, but very destroyed because ...


Lubango is the capital city of Huila in Angola. There are 100.757 people. Until 1975, the citys name was Sa da Bandeira. During the Angolan Civil War 1975–2002, Lubango was a major base of Cuban, SWAPO. Lubangos economy is based on agriculture.


Lublin - city in eastern Poland. Its in the Lublin Voivodeship. It has an area of 147.5 km 2. About 354.000 people live in Lublin. Characteristic for Lublin are: high schools, Majdanek State Museum" and trolleybuses.

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